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The ftRACK system combines proven fault-tolerant, pair-and-spare architecture with servers that deliver 99.9999% uptime right out of the box.


ftRACK fault-tolerant solution offers:

  • Lower TCO than high-availability systems: no failover scripting, no systems integration, no special administration needed for applications
  • Truly fault-tolerant Linux Operating System
  • Minimum planned downtime through online software upgrades
  • Industry-leading telecom application delivered by enterprise firmware

Every ftRACK server uses replicated, fault-tolerant hardware to eliminate single points of failure and protect data integrity. Major components - CPUs, memory boards, input/output controllers, buses, power supplies, and fans - are duplexed and operate in lockstep. In the event of failure, the paired component continues normal operation.

This use of technology eliminates the operational complexity and high costs inherent in high-availability alternatives. Hardware-based fault tolerance requires no failover scripting, repeated test procedures, or application modifications to ensure the application's availability or smooth integration of systems into telecom environments.

FtRACK is a widely deployed development and runtime software for applications in SS7, IP, and converged networks. Together, these carrier-grade platforms bring you proven and affordable reliability, rapid time to market for new voice and data services, and lower development and operational costs.

  • 1000+ IP Extensions
  • 48 Analog Extensions
  • 48 Analog Lines
  • 24 ISDN BRI Lines
  • 120 ISDN PRI Lines
  • 200-400 Concurrent Calls with G711
Operating System
  • Fault Tolerant Linux
  • Fault Tolerant Hardware
  • 4u Rackmount
  • Heavy Duty Steel Chassis
  • Industrial Grade Construction
  • 8x 40mm Fans Cooling System
Physical & Environment
  • 56-61Kg Weight
  • 480 mm (W) x 790 mm (D) x 177 mm (H) Dimensions
  • 10 Operating Temperature
  • Rack Form Factor
  • Black (Matt) Color(s)
Certified Software
  • Business, Call Center, and Multi Tenant PBXware Edition(s)

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