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officeBOX M2000

OfficeBOX M2000 has multiple mounting options such as desk, floor, or rack cabinet mounting.

The product comes with a fully tested and optimized Bicom Systems PBXware Business or Call Center Edition already installed, capable of supporting up to 100 Users/Extensions and 50 concurrent calls using VoIP or PSTN technologies.

Ideal for small to medium sized businesses seeking a full feature set and powerful functionality.



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Expansion Capability Up To
  • 2 x T1 24 PRI Ports
  • 8 FXO/FXS Ports
  • Additional FXO/FXS
  • 100 IP Extensions
  • 8 Analog FXO/FXS Analog Extensions
  • 2 x T1 24 PRI Channels
  • 50 Concurrent Calls with G711
  • 4 Conferencing Bridge Included
  • 4 Call Recording Ports
  • 150GB Voicemail Storage Included
  • 8 Call Center Agents
  • 1 Call Center Supervisor
  • Additional FXO/FXS
Call Center Features
  • Inbound/Outbound Call Campaigns
  • Unlimited ACD Queues
  • Unlimited Call Agents
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Real Time Queue Statistics & Monitoring
  • Optional Predictive Inbound/Outbound Dialing
  • agentCOM, AQMON Call Center Applications
  • Skills Based Routing
Fault Tolerance Options
  • Optional Mirrored Failover
Technical Specification
  • Dual-Core Intel Atom 1.66 GHz CPU
  • 1GB DDR2 RAM
  • SATA 160GB Storage Internal
  • 10/100/1000 Mbits/sec Network Ethernet Port
  • 120W Power Supply Output Power
  • 1u Rackmount
  • Rack Mounting
  • 200W SPI Flex ATX AC Power Supplies
  • One Fan Cooling System
Physical & Environment
  • 431 mm (W) x 44 mm (H) x 304 mm (D) Dimensions
  • Black Color(s)
Certified Software
  • Business, Call Center PBXware Edition(s)
Hardware Warranty
  • 12 months with a 3 year option Hardware Warranty
Supported Hardware
Analog Trunk Devices
  • Sangoma A200
  • Sangoma B600
Digital Trunk Devices
  • Sangoma A101
  • Sangoma A500
  • Sangoma B700

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