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voip softswitchOur MultiTenant PBX edition of PBXware can be used as a voip softswitch while giving Telecom Service Providers a powerful platform to serve the IP-PBX market in the cloud.

Aside from being a softswitch, MultiTenant PBX offers unlimited hosted IP-PBX multi tenants, unlimited resellers, user/company self portal, and LCR.

MultiTenant PBX can be used as a Class 4 or Class 5 softswitch using our SIP Proxy.

5 Benefits of the VoIP Softswitch

voip softswitch


We have come a long ways since the manual telephone switchboard. 139 years, to be precise. From the days of manual telephone operators to PBXs to modern solutions that tap into VoIP technology to do more than just call routing...

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What is a Softswitch?



Having passed from live operators to automated hardware devices, most telephony switches introduced today are, in effect, central devices in a telecommunications network using software on open standards hardware...

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What Is the Difference Between a Class 4 and Class 5 Softswitch?

class 5 softswitch


Class 5 softswitches are used within small geographic areas or businesses and organizations. They can route calls within cities, organizations, states, or even small countries...

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How to Start and Grow Your ITSP 



The instruction manual for all Internet Telephony Service Providers, How to Start & Grow an ITSP has already helped hundreds of ITSPs grow from the ground up. Based on years of real-life experience, this free whitepaper covers three steps to starting and growing in ITSP:

1. The approach - how to find customers

2. The delivery - how to create a core system

3. The stay in & get ahead - how to overcome challenges


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