Bicom Systems - VoIP Phone Systems, IP PBX Cloud Services, Softphone, Unified Communications for VoIP Providers, Call Centers, CLEC, ITSP, and Multi-Tenant

Installation & Configuration
  Remote Development
  Onsite Training
  Remote Training
  Call Center training (2h)
  Multi-tenant training (2h)
  System Staging
  Onsite System Installation
  Remote System Configuration
  Onsite System Testing
  Remote System Testing
  Microsoft Exchange Configuration
Professional Services
Remote System Configuration
Remote installation is suitable for customers who already have an in-house network engineer or other appropriately skilled person. This person will liase with us in all aspects of the installation.

Standard Features
  • Firmware Installation
  • System sounds and greetings
  • Handsets Configuration
  • Trunks Configuration
  • IVR Configuration
  • Conference Configuration
  • Queue Configuration
  • Sytem Console Login
  • GMT Installation TimeZone
Optional Services
  • Optional Network Wiring
  • Optional Network Optimisation

Installation & Configuration
Professional Services
Financing Options
Certification Program
Trade Shows
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