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• Recurrent Invoices
• Unlimited Packages
• Unlimited Service Plans
• Custom Invoices
• Outstanding Balances
• CDR Mediation
• Customer Subscriptions
• Customer Statements

CRM &  Customer Ticketing

• Unlimited Projects and Tasks
• Unlimited Customer Tickets
• Web Based or Email Client Customer Ticketing

CMS & Shopping Cart

• Telephony DIDs/Service plans ordering
• Content Role Based Administration
• Unlimited Website Pages
• Website Content Management
• Unlimited Shopping Cart Items
• Professional, Instant & Bespoke Designs
• Custom Search Engine Marketing
• Files Upload & Manipulation
• Images Security

Customer Accounts
• Accounts Based Content
• Unlimited Account Types
• Account Search
• Account View by Status and Type
• System to Account(s) Messages
• Call Spend and Call Billed View
Products and Services

• Unlimited Prices
• Unlimited Categories and Items
• Time and Quantity Based Discounts
• Display Modes and Publishing Option
• Small, Large and Zoom Images
• Item Add-ons
• Auto PSD Publishing

Switch Integration

• Native PBXware Integration
• Third-Party Switch Mediation & Subscription Support upon Consultation
• Unlimited PBXware or Third-Party Switches
(Network Edition)



Billing Server Edition Network Edition
Unlimited Service Plans Yes Yes
Unlimited Subscription Packages Yes Yes
PDF Templates Yes Yes
Outstanding Balances Yes Yes
Unlimited Currencies Yes Yes
Pre-Paid and Post-Paid Periods Billing Yes Yes
Unlimited Orders, Invoices and Payments Yes Yes
Unlimited Tax Types Yes Yes
Unlimited Shipping Methods Yes Yes
Auto Overdue Triggers Yes Yes
Subscriptions Yes Yes
Telephony Switches Yes Yes
Customer Relations Management (CRM) Server Edition Network Edition
Auto Reply Yes Yes
Support Tickets Yes Yes
Unlimited Number of Tasks & Projects Yes Yes
Task Priorities, Statuses & Assignments Yes Yes
File Attachments Yes Yes
Task and Messages Reminder Window Yes Yes
Search Task, Projects and Tickets Yes Yes
E-mail Templates Yes Yes
Content Management Systems (CMS) Server Edition Network Edition
Content Blocks Yes Yes
Unlimited Pages, Images & General Content Yes Yes
User & Groups Role Based Administration Yes Yes
Professional, Instant & Bespoke Designs Yes Yes
Custom Search Engine Marketing Yes Yes
File Upload & Manipulation Yes Yes
Images Security Yes Yes
Accounts Server Edition Network Edition
Accounts Based Content Yes Yes
Unlimited Account Types Yes Yes
Account Search Yes Yes
Account View by Status and Type Yes Yes
System to Account(s) Messages Yes Yes
Credit/Debit Yes Yes
Call Spend and Call Billed View Yes Yes
Products and Services Server Edition Network Edition
Unlimited Categories and Items Yes Yes
Display Modes and Publishing Yes Yes
Small, Large and Zoom Images Yes Yes
Item Display Options Yes Yes
Item Add-ons Yes Yes
Time and Quantity Based Discounts Yes Yes
Auto PDF Publishing Yes Yes
Service Provider Contact Details Server Edition Network Edition
Unlimited Contact Details Yes Yes
Hide/Show Contact Details Yes Yes
View Visitors Submitted Data Yes Yes
Calendar Server Edition Network Edition
View User Calendar Yes Yes
Month & Day View Yes Yes
Detailed Task View Yes Yes
Online Customer Account Server Edition Network Edition
Account Details Yes Yes
Account Members Yes Yes
Account Balance Yes Yes
Statements Yes Yes
Orders Yes Yes
Invoices Yes Yes
Payments Yes Yes
Saved Carts Yes Yes
Support Tickets Yes Yes
DIDs Yes Yes
Call Records Yes Yes
Subscription Services Yes Yes
Online Customer Portal Server Edition Network Edition
Unlimited Number of Content Pages Yes Yes
Contact Page with Contact Form Yes Yes
Products and Services Yes Yes
Shopping Cart Yes Yes
Online Ordering and Payment Yes Yes
Product/Customer Support Server Edition Network Edition
Firmware Updates Yes Yes
Customer Support Yes Yes
Comprehensive Documentation Yes Yes
Pricing Server Edition Network Edition

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