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If you're an Incumbent Service Provider, this page is the right place for you.

Bicom Systems offers a complete package of all the components you need plan, organize, and execute. Whether you are seeking software, hardware, or simply require assistance and guidance, we can provide the solution needed.

Download the ESTABLISHED TELCO Product Packages PDF


SERVERware Including controller, mirror, hosts, and storage nodes
SWITCHware SIP Proxy Routes incoming calls to the correct trunk
TELCOware Server Edition Monthly license for a provisioning platform that will speed up growth
PBXware Multi-Tenant Server Edition Class 5 featured Switch where extension & trunk registrations take place
Telephony Billing Module Automates the billing process, freeing your time for sales
DRBD Package Management Software Manages dual location redundancy
SIPPROT Annual license for SIP attack protection
vSWITCH Service platform with 4 nodes populated
Infiniband Switches Two and a spare for each location
Staging We go through your company's full requirements to deliver the best-fit solution
Configuration/Testing We set the extensions and trunks of PBXware to permit you to pass calls as well as other basic settings
Training Advanced training of company administrator
Branding Licensing and help adding your own logo and colors
Backup Setup Setup of a backup of all data to a third source (USB, Server, or SAN)
TELCOware Setup Assistance setting up TELCOware
DRBD Setup Setup of DRBD software
SIPPROT Maintenance Maintenance of SIPPROT tool
sipMON Setup, Training, Support, & Licensing  

We've worked on an international level for years and have experience with other Incumbent Providers. We know how to manage such projects in a controlled and structured manner in order to increase value, enhance stickiness, and reduce churn. Our solution will help you maintain your position as market leader and keep the competition behind you. To read about our partnerships with other incumbent providers, please visit our case studies page.

Our trio of products for Service Provides may interest you: SERVERware, PBXware, and TELCOware. Our off-the-shelf turnkey solution combines three products to offer maximum usability, efficiency, and affordability.

- SERVERware is a Cloud IP Services Delivery Platform that creates a firm foundation for the rest

- PBXware provides the telephony services needed by both you and End Users

- TELCOware is the provisioning platform with additional  telephony features that make a business run smoothly

We also offer desktop applications or appliances that provide additional features, giving you a competitive edge over the competition.

The following diagram illustrates how to combine this trio of products:

click on the diagram to zoom in

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